What former clients have said

I asked a few former clients what they might say to someone considering counselling with me.
“A good counsellor is really helpful in creating an affirming, validating environment where we can experience what it feels like to receive unconditional support from another human being. This experience gives a great deal of strength to grow our emotional resilience and be able to openly explore our inner self. What I recommend for someone looking to start receiving counselling is to go in with a commitment to honesty, integrity and gentleness towards themself.” ‘Nicolas’ (26)
“I went into each session with a thought or a feeling that was ‘on the surface’ for me over the course of the previous week. Jo’s manner and method made it possible for me to consider each issue from different angles, so over the course of our time together, I found myself growing in my self-awareness. I was then able to put difficult or painful topics to rest after coming to understand how each topic affected me (and how I wanted to handle it from that point on) on a deeper level.” ‘Vanessa’ (30)
“The Place
Where I weave together a comfort blanket
of self esteem
Where I am heard
Where I am me
Where I come to hurt and to heal
Open the gate
Open the senses
To argue with my tormentors
To feel
To stand up to them
To stand up and be counted
To countTo receive wisdom
And love
One drop at a time
The warming sea at night of soul
Fills the room
Occupies the space
Space beyond
With simply; irreplaceably; humbly, yet
magnificently; infinitely; majestically;
unicornishly; and proudly meMy mind
My time
‘Alastair’ (29)